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FATBOY Original Outdoor

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This item takes 14-21 days to deliver.

This item is customised and cannot be returned.

If you're really serious about relaxing, in your garden, your balcony, the park, wherever, then there’s really just one serious option: Fatboy Original Outdoor. The one and only outside beanbag. The Original Outdoor beanbag is 6.65 kilos of instant relaxation. Forget sitting up straight, or with one leg neatly crossed over the other. This outdoor beanbag has just the one setting: Relax. With a capital R. Sunglasses and a cool drink warmly recommended.

  • Suitable for in- and outdoor use.
  • Water repellent fabric with excellent colour fastness.
  • Machine washable outerbag.
  • Water- and dirt repellent.
  • Refill is possible.
  • size 180x140
  • Fabrics:
    Material cover: 100% acrylic
    Do not place this product in, on, against, or near a heat source such as heating, a glass facade (window or sliding door) or a wall that is heated by the sun. Doing so may cause damage to the surface on which the product is placed. Additionally, the fabric of the product may become damaged and become bumpy and uneven.

    Wipe clean with a moist cloth or water and soap. Wash outerbag at 30°C. Wash inside.

    Treat your Original outdoor like a regular garden cushion and store it indoors when it rains.

    Intensive use may cause the filling to shrink.

    With the refill you can completely fill your bag from scratch (350 litre) or refill your bag (100 litre).

    Iron your Original on a regular basis to maintain its water repellence.

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